Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Plan for a safe break

April is here already! All those New Year’s celebrations feel like forever ago and the first hectic months of the year have well and truly taken their toll on personal energy reserves. For many, April is the month in which we set aside a little time to enjoy an already well-earned break.

Many of us jump at the chance to go on a trip, some prefer to devote their days to massages and retail therapy, while others believe there’s nothing like a good dose of fishing to relax the soul.

Whatever your plans are you need to consider the best ways to keep yourself, and your loved ones, safe over the break. Planning ahead will mean you get to enjoy yourself that much more.

April is a particularly busy time for the Grey Nomads – the growing legion of 50+ travellers who begin to head north to escape the winter chills. Year after year, they take off to explore new destinations or head back to old favourites, enjoying all our wonderful, open country has to offer.

It’s also a great time for mums, dads and kids to reconnect without the busyness of everyday life getting in the way. After all the excitement of an Easter egg hunt, this time is usually packed full of fun day trips and new activities, or sometimes even a little escape to the family holiday home.

If you’re a grandparent, you no doubt relish the school holidays as a time to catch up with the grandkids without having to make an appointment. You’ll take the children out, play games, cook; pretty much spoil them rotten. It can be tiring but you’ll have it no other way.

No matter what your upcoming plans are, being a MedicAlert member offers you complete peace of mind to get out and make the most of your free time. Your MedicAlert ID carries the internationally recognised MedicAlert emblem and is engraved with your personal medical information, membership number and a 24/7 hotline number. Should a medical emergency arise, emergency services and healthcare professionals can quickly and easily access your vital personal information, ensuring that you are treated effectively and efficiently.

MedicAlert membership: don’t go without it.

If you’ve got upcoming travel plans or something else you’re looking forward to this April, why not leave a comment here; let us know what you’re doing. We’re always keen to hear what our members and fans are up to!